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Command-line tool to manipulate Android Application Bundles. Some subcommands such as bundletool validate have their own usage documentation. More information:
  • Display help for a subcommand:
    bundletool help {{subcommand}}
  • Generate APKs from an application bundle (prompts for keystore password):
    bundletool build-apks --bundle={{path/to/bundle.aab}} --ks={{path/to/key.keystore}} --ks-key-alias={{key_alias}} --output={{path/to/file.apks}}
  • Generate APKs from an application bundle giving the keystore password:
    bundletool build-apks --bundle={{path/to/bundle.aab}} --ks={{path/to/key.keystore}} --ks-key-alias={{key_alias}} –ks-pass={{pass:the_password}} --output={{path/to/file.apks}}
  • Generate APKs including only one single APK for universal usage:
    bundletool build-apks --bundle={{path/to/bundle.aab}} --mode={{universal}} --ks={{path/to/key.keystore}} --ks-key-alias={{key_alias}} --output={{path/to/file.apks}}
  • Install the right combination of APKs to an emulator or device:
    bundletool install-apks --apks={{path/to/file.apks}}
  • Estimate the download size of an application:
    bundletool get-size total --apks={{path/to/file.apks}}
  • Generate a device specification JSON file for an emulator or device:
    bundletool get-device-spec --output={{path/to/file.json}}
  • Verify a bundle and display detailed information about it:
    bundletool validate --bundle={{path/to/bundle.aab}}

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