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WordPress vulnerability scanner. More information:
  • Update the vulnerability database:
    wpscan --update
  • Scan a WordPress website:
    wpscan --url {{url}}
  • Scan a WordPress website, using random user agents and passive detection:
    wpscan --url {{url}} --stealthy
  • Scan a WordPress website, checking for vulnerable plugins and specifying the path to the wp-content directory:
    wpscan --url {{url}} --enumerate {{vp}} --wp-content-dir {{remote/path/to/wp-content}}
  • Scan a WordPress website through a proxy:
    wpscan --url {{url}} --proxy {{protocol://ip:port}} --proxy-auth {{username:password}}
  • Perform user identifiers enumeration on a WordPress website:
    wpscan --url {{url}} --enumerate {{u}}
  • Execute a password guessing attack on a WordPress website:
    wpscan --url {{url}} --usernames {{username|path/to/usernames.txt}} --passwords {{path/to/passwords.txt}} threads {{20}}
  • Scan a WordPress website, collecting vulnerability data from the WPVulnDB (
    wpscan --url {{url}} --api-token {{token}}

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