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Simple, easy to use command-line text editor. An enhanced, free Pico clone. More information:
  • Open a new file in nano:
  • Open a specific file:
    nano {{path/to/file}}
  • Open a specific file, positioning the cursor at the specified line and column:
    nano +{{line}},{{column}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Open a specific file and enable soft wrapping:
    nano --softwrap {{path/to/file}}
  • Open a specific file and indent new lines to the previous lines' indentation:
    nano --autoindent {{path/to/file}}
  • Open nano and create a backup file (file~) when saving edits:
    nano --backup {{path/to/file}}

This is a tldr pages (source, CC BY 4.0) web wrapper for All commands, popular commands, most used linux commands. Referrals. Progressive Web Application (PWA) version to install on your device.