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Raw data recorder for RTL-SDR receivers. Data is encoded using I/Q sampling (aka quadrature sampling). More information:
  • Save RAW data from a frequency (specified in Hz) to a file:
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Pipe data to another program:
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} - | {{aplay}}
  • Read a specified number of samples:
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} -n {{20}} -
  • Specify the sample rate in Hz (ranges 225001-300000 and 900001-3200000):
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} -s {{2400000}} -
  • Specify the device by its index:
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} -d {{0}} -
  • Specify the gain:
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} -g {{20}} -
  • Specify the output block size:
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} -b {{9999999}} -
  • Use synchronous output:
    rtl_sdr -f {{100000000}} -S -

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