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Query and modify dconf settings with schema validation. More information:
  • Set the value of a key. Fails if the key doesn't exist or the value is out of range:
    gsettings set {{org.example.schema}} {{example-key}} {{value}}
  • Print the value of a key or the schema-provided default if the key has not been set in dconf:
    gsetings get {{org.example.schema}} {{example-key}}
  • Unset a key, so that its schema default value will be used:
    gsettings reset {{org.example.schema}} {{example-key}}
  • Display all (non-relocatable) schemas, keys, and values:
    gsettings list-recursively
  • Display all keys and values (default if not set) from one schema:
    gsettings list-recursively {{org.example.schema}}
  • Display schema-allowed values for a key (helpful with enum keys):
    gsettings range {{org.example.schema}} {{example-key}}
  • Display the human-readable description of a key:
    gsettings describe {{org.example.schema}} {{example-key}}

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