Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is an application of XML for describing mathematical notation and capturing both its structure and content.
It aims at integrating mathematical formulae into World Wide Web documents. It is a recommendation of the W3C math working group.
MathML 2.0, a W3C Recommendation was released on 21 Feb 2001. A product of the W3C Math working group, MathML is a low-level specification for describing mathematics as a basis for machine to machine communication. It provides a much needed foundation for the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web pages.
MathML has two versions - Presentation MathML and Content MathML.
Now we demonstrate Presentation MathML.
We created the pages about MathML in well formated XHTML. Internet Explorer (IE) and other old and bad browsers don't understand this format. We don't support and we don't plan to support browsers which don't follow standards. If you want to see the pages and if you want that for you there were no white spots in the net, install a modern browser before. We recommend FireFox. Also we recommend you to install special mathematical fonts.