Enter a command. For example: maim, checkinstall, dir, backlight_control.


The XFCE4 terminal emulator. More information:
  • Open a new terminal window:
  • Set the initial title:
    xfce4-terminal --initial-title "{{initial_title}}"
  • Open a new tab in the current terminal window:
    xfce4-terminal --tab
  • Execute a command in a new terminal window:
    xfce4-terminal --command "{{command_with_args}}"
  • Keep the terminal around after the executed command finishes executing:
    xfce4-terminal --command "{{command_with_args}}" --hold
  • Open multiple new tabs, executing a command in each:
    xfce4-terminal --tab --command "{{command_a}}" --tab --command "{{command_b}}"

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