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Display a cute cow and message on your Linux desktop. The cow is displayed for either a fixed amount of time, or an amount of time calculated from the size of the text. Click on the cow to dismiss it immediately. More information:
  • Display a cow saying "hello, world":
    xcowsay "{{hello, world}}"
  • Display a cow with output from another command:
    ls | xcowsay
  • Display a cow at the specified X and Y coordinates:
    xcowsay --at={{X}},{{Y}}
  • Display a different sized cow:
    xcowsay --cow-size={{small|med|large}}
  • Display a thought bubble instead of a speech bubble:
    xcowsay --think
  • Display a different image instead of the default cow:
    xcowsay --image={{path/to/file}}

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