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A CLI to interact with HashiCorp Vault. More information:
  • Connect to a Vault server and initialize a new encrypted data store:
    vault init
  • Unseal (unlock) the vault, by providing one of the key shares needed to access the encrypted data store:
    vault unseal {{key-share-x}}
  • Authenticate the CLI client against the Vault server, using an authentication token:
    vault auth {{authentication_token}}
  • Store a new secret in the vault, using the generic back-end called "secret":
    vault write secret/{{hello}} value={{world}}
  • Read a value from the vault, using the generic back-end called "secret":
    vault read secret/{{hello}}
  • Read a specific field from the value:
    vault read -field={{field_name}} secret/{{hello}}
  • Seal (lock) the Vault server, by removing the encryption key of the data store from memory:
    vault seal

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