Enter a command. For example: dstat, ac, e2fsck, fossil, faketime.


Rxvt-unicode. A customizable terminal emulator. More information:
  • Open a new urxvt window:
  • Run in a specific directory:
    urxvt -cd {{path/to/directory}}
  • Run a command in a new urxvt window:
    urxvt -e {{command}}
  • Run a command and keep the window open:
    urxvt --hold -e {{command}}
  • Run a command within the sh shell:
    urxvt -e {{sh}} -c {{command}}

This is a tldr pages (source, CC BY 4.0) web wrapper for All commands, popular commands, most used linux commands. Referrals. Progressive Web Application (PWA) version to install on your device.