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Ultra fast search tool with query TUI. More information:
  • Start a query TUI to search files in the current directory recursively (CTRL-Z for help):
    ugrep --query
  • Search the current directory recursively for files containing a regex search pattern:
    ugrep "{{search_pattern}}"
  • Search in a specific file or in all files in a specific directory, showing line numbers of matches:
    ugrep --line-number "{{search_pattern}}" {{path/to/file_or_directory}}
  • Search in all files in the current directory recursively and print the name of each matching file:
    ugrep --files-with-matches "{{search_pattern}}"
  • Fuzzy search files with up to 3 extra, missing or mismatching characters in the pattern:
    ugrep --fuzzy={{3}} "{{search_pattern}}"
  • Also search compressed files, zip and tar archives recursively:
    ugrep --decompress "{{search_pattern}}"
  • Search only files whose filenames match a specific glob pattern:
    ugrep --glob="{{glob_pattern}}" "{{search_pattern}}"
  • Search only C++ source files (use --file-type=list to list all file types):
    ugrep --file-type=cpp "{{search_pattern}}"

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