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Utility for managing Time Machine backups. Most verbs require root privileges. More information:
  • Set an HFS+ drive as the backup destination:
    sudo tmutil setdestination {{path/to/disk_mount_point}}
  • Set an APF share or SMB share as the backup destination:
    sudo tmutil setdestination "{{protocol://user[:password]@host/share}}"
  • Append the given destination to the list of destinations:
    sudo tmutil setdestination -a {{destination}}
  • Enable automatic backups:
    sudo tmutil enable
  • Disable automatic backups:
    sudo tmutil disable
  • Start a backup, if one is not running already, and release control of the shell:
    sudo tmutil startbackup
  • Start a backup and block until the backup is finished:
    sudo tmutil startbackup -b
  • Stop a backup:
    sudo tmutil stopbackup

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