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A traceroute implementation using TCP packets. More information:
  • Trace the route to a host:
    tcptraceroute {{host}}
  • Specify the destination port and packet length in bytes:
    tcptraceroute {{host}} {{destination_port}} {{packet_length}}
  • Specify the local source port and source address:
    tcptraceroute {{host}} -p {{source_port}} -s {{source_address}}
  • Set the first and maximum TTL:
    tcptraceroute {{host}} -f {{first_ttl}} -m {{max_ttl}}
  • Specify the wait time and number of queries per hop:
    tcptraceroute {{host}} -w {{wait_time}} -q {{number_of_queries}}
  • Specify the interface:
    tcptraceroute {{host}} -i {{interface}}

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