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Dump traffic on a network. More information:
  • List available network interfaces:
    tcpdump -D
  • Capture the traffic of a specific interface:
    tcpdump -i {{eth0}}
  • Capture all TCP traffic showing contents (ASCII) in console:
    tcpdump -A tcp
  • Capture the traffic from or to a host:
    tcpdump host {{}}
  • Capture the traffic from a specific interface, source, destination and destination port:
    tcpdump -i {{eth0}} src {{}} and dst {{}} and dst port {{80}}
  • Capture the traffic of a network:
    tcpdump net {{}}
  • Capture all traffic except traffic over port 22 and save to a dump file:
    tcpdump -w {{dumpfile.pcap}} port not {{22}}
  • Read from a given dump file:
    tcpdump -r {{dumpfile.pcap}}

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