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Upgrade a Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) from the command-line. More information:
  • Check if upgrades are available:
    sudo synoupgrade --check
  • Check for patches without upgrading the DSM version:
    sudo synoupgrade --check-smallupdate
  • Download the latest upgrade available (use --download-smallupdate for patches):
    sudo synoupgrade --download
  • Start the upgrade process:
    sudo synoupgrade --start
  • Upgrade to the latest version automatically:
    sudo synoupgrade --auto
  • Apply patches without upgrading the DSM version automatically:
    sudo synoupgrade --auto-smallupdate
  • Upgrade the DSM using a patch file (should be an absolute path):
    sudo synoupgrade --patch {{/path/to/file.pat}}
  • Display help:

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