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BTRFS snapshotting utility written in Rust. More information:
  • Create a snapshot using a config file:
    sudo rusnapshot --config {{path/to/config.toml}} --cr
  • List created snapshots:
    sudo rusnapshot -c {{path/to/config.toml}} --list
  • Delete a snapshot by ID or the name of the snapshot:
    sudo rusnapshot -c {{path/to/config.toml}} --del --id {{snapshot_id}}
  • Delete all hourly snapshots:
    sudo rusnapshot -c {{path/to/config.toml}} --list --keep {{0}} --clean --kind {{hourly}}
  • Create a read-write snapshot:
    sudo rusnapshot -c {{path/to/config.toml}} --cr --rw
  • Restore a snapshot:
    sudo rusnapshot -c {{path/to/config.toml}} --id {{snapshot_id}} --restore

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