Enter a command. For example: smbclient, manpath, i7z, pivpn.


Locate and run OpenRC services with arguments. See also openrc. More information:
  • Show a service's status:
    rc-service {{service_name}} status
  • Start a service:
    sudo rc-service {{service_name}} start
  • Stop a service:
    sudo rc-servie {{service_name}} stop
  • Restart a service:
    sudo rc-service {{service_name}} restart
  • Simulate running a service's custom command:
    sudo rc-service --dry-run {{service_name}} {{command_name}}
  • Actually run a service's custom command:
    sudo rc-service {{service_name}} {{command_name}}
  • Resolve the location of a service definition on disk:
    sudo rc-service --resolve {{service_name}}

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