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Utility for managing Non-Volatile DIMMs. More information:
  • Create an 'fsdax' mode namespace:
    ndctl create-namespace --mode={{fsdax}}
  • Change the mode of a namespace to 'raw':
    ndctl create-namespace --reconfigure={{namespaceX.Y}} --mode={{raw}}
  • Check a sector mode namespace for consistency, and repair if needed:
    ndctl check-namespace --repair {{namespaceX.Y}}
  • List all namespaces, regions, and buses (including disabled ones):
    ndctl list --namespaces --regions --buses --idle
  • List a specific namespace and include lots of additional information:
    ndctl list -vvv --namespace={{namespaceX.Y}}
  • Run a monitor to watch for SMART health events for NVDIMMs on the 'ACPI.NFIT' bus:
    ndctl monitor --bus={{ACPI.NFIT}}
  • Remove a namespace (when applicable) or reset it to an initial state:
    ndctl destroy-namespace --force {{namespaceX.Y}}

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