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Command-line interface for the MeshLab 3D mesh processing software. More information:
  • Convert an STL file to an OBJ file:
    meshlabserver -i {{input.stl}} -o {{output.obj}}
  • Convert a WRL file to a OFF file, including the vertex and face normals in the output mesh:
    meshlabserver -i {{input.wrl}} -o {{}} -om vn fn
  • Dump a list of all the available processing filters into a file:
    meshlabserver -d {{filename}}
  • Process a 3D file using a filter script created in the MeshLab GUI (Filters > Show current filter script > Save Script):
    meshlabserver -i {{input.ply}} -o {{output.ply}} -s {{filter_script.mlx}}
  • Process a 3D file using a filter script, writing the output of the filters into a log file:
    meshlabserver -i {{input.x3d}} -o {{output.x3d}} -s {{filter_script.mlx}} -l {{logfile}}

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