Enter a command. For example: grub install, mkinitcpio, readpe.


Sophisticated file transfer program. More information:
  • Connect to an FTP server:
    lftp {{}}
  • Download multiple files (glob expression):
    mget {{path/to/*.png}}
  • Upload multiple files (glob expression):
    mput {{path/to/*.zip}}
  • Delete multiple files on the remote server:
    mrm {{path/to/*.txt}}
  • Rename a file on the remote server:
    mv {{original_filename}} {{new_filename}}
  • Download or update an entire directory:
    mirror {{path/to/remote_dir}} {{path/to/local_output_dir}}
  • Upload or update an entire directory:
    mirror -R {{path/to/local_dir}} {{path/to/remote_output_dir}}

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