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A command-line tool for testing HTML5 validity. More information:
  • Validate a specific file:
    html5validator {{path/to/file}}
  • Validate all HTML files in a specific directory:
    html5validator --root {{path/to/directory}}
  • Show warnings as well as errors:
    html5validator --show-warnings {{path/to/file}}
  • Match multiple files using a glob pattern:
    html5validator --root {{path/to/directory}} --match "{{*.html *.php}}"
  • Ignore specific directory names:
    html5validator --root {{path/to/directory}} --blacklist "{{node_modules vendor}}"
  • Output the results in a specific format:
    html5validator --format {{gnu|xml|json|text}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Output the log at a specific verbosity level:
    html5validator --root {{path/to/directory}} --log {{debug|info|warning}}

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