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Convert text files to PostScript, HTML, RTF, ANSI, and overstrikes. More information:
  • Generate a PostScript file from a text file:
    enscript {{path/to/input_file}} --output={{path/to/output_file}}
  • Generate a file in a different language than PostScript:
    enscript {{path/to/input_file}} --language={{html|rtf|...}} --output={{path/to/output_file}}
  • Generate a PostScript file with a landscape layout, splitting the page into columns (maximum 9):
    enscript {{path/to/input_file}} --columns={{num}} --landscape --output={{path/to/output_file}}
  • Display available syntax highlighting languages and file formats:
    enscript --help-highlight
  • Generate a PostScript file with syntax highlighting and color for a specified language:
    enscript {{path/to/input_file}} --color=1 --highlight={{language}} --output={{path/to/output_file}}

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