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Save critical ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem metadata to a file. More information:
  • Write metadata located on device to a specific file:
    e2image {{/dev/sdXN}} {{path/to/image_file}}
  • Print metadata located on device to stdout:
    e2image {{/dev/sdXN}} -
  • Restore the filesystem metadata back to the device:
    e2image -I {{/dev/sdXN}} {{path/to/image_file}}
  • Create a large raw sparse file with metadata at proper offsets:
    e2image -r {{/dev/sdXN}} {{path/to/image_file}}
  • Create a QCOW2 image file instead of a normal or raw image file:
    e2image -Q {{/dev/sdXN}} {{path/to/image_file}}

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