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docker volume

Manage Docker volumes. More information:
  • Create a volume:
    docker volume create {{volume_name}}
  • Create a volume with a specific label:
    docker volume create --label {{label}} {{volume_name}}
  • Create a tmpfs volume a size of 100 MiB and an uid of 1000:
    docker volume create --opt {{type}}={{tmpfs}} --opt {{device}}={{tmpfs}} --opt {{o}}={{size=100m,uid=1000}} {{volume_name}}
  • List all volumes:
    docker volume ls
  • Remove a volume:
    docker volume rm {{volume_name}}
  • Display information about a volume:
    docker volume inspect {{volume_name}}
  • Remove all unused local volumes:
    docker volume prune
  • Display help for a subcommand:
    docker volume {{subcommand}} --help

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