Enter a command. For example: fd, git verify commit, sqlmap.


Format standard input or a file into multiple columns. Columns are filled before rows; the default separator is a whitespace. More information:
  • Format the output of a command for a 30 characters wide display:
    printf "header1 header2\nbar foo\n" | column --output-width {{30}}
  • Split columns automatically and auto-align them in a tabular format:
    printf "header1 header2\nbar foo\n" | column --table
  • Specify the column delimiter character for the --table option (e.g. "," for CSV) (defaults to whitespace):
    printf "header1,header2\nbar,foo\n" | column --table --separator {{,}}
  • Fill rows before filling columns:
    printf "header1\nbar\nfoobar\n" | column --output-width {{30}} --fillrows

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