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Change the access permissions of a file or directory. More information:
  • Give the [u]ser who owns a file the right to e[x]ecute it:
    chmod u+x {{file}}
  • Give the [u]ser rights to [r]ead and [w]rite to a file/directory:
    chmod u+rw {{file_or_directory}}
  • Remove e[x]ecutable rights from the [g]roup:
    chmod g-x {{file}}
  • Give [a]ll users rights to [r]ead and e[x]ecute:
    chmod a+rx {{file}}
  • Give [o]thers (not in the file owner's group) the same rights as the [g]roup:
    chmod o=g {{file}}
  • Remove all rights from [o]thers:
    chmod o= {{file}}
  • Change permissions recursively giving [g]roup and [o]thers the ability to [w]rite:
    chmod -R g+w,o+w {{directory}}
  • Recursively give [a]ll users [r]ead permissions to files and e[X]ecute permissions to sub-directories within a directory:
    chmod -R a+rX {{directory}}

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