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az storage entity

Manage Azure Table storage entities. Part of azure-cli. More information:
  • Insert an entity into a table:
    az storage entity insert --entity {{space_separated_key_value_pairs}} --table-name {{table_name}} --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}}
  • Delete an existing entity from a table:
    az storage entity delete --partition-key {{partition_key}} --row-key {{row_key}} --table-name {{table_name}} --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}}
  • Update an existing entity by merging its properties:
    az storage entity merge --entity {{space_separated_key_value_pairs}} --table-name {{table_name}} --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}}
  • List entities which satisfy a query:
    az storage entity query --filter {{query_filter}} --table-name {{table_name}} --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}}
  • Get an entity from the specified table:
    az storage entity show --partition-key {{partition_key}} --row-key {{row_key}} --table-name {{table_name}} --account-name {{storage_account_name}} --account-key {{storage_account_key}}

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