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aws ses

CLI for AWS Simple Email Service. High-scale inbound and outbound cloud email service. More information:
  • Create a new receipt rule set:
    aws ses create-receipt-rule-set --rule-set-name {{rule_set_name}} --generate-cli-skeleton
  • Describe the active receipt rule set:
    aws ses describe-active-receipt-rule-set --generate-cli-skeletion
  • Describe a specific receipt rule:
    aws ses describe-receipt-rule --rule-set-name {{rule_set_name}} --rule-name {{rule_name}} --generate-cli-skeleton
  • List all receipt rule sets:
    aws ses list-receipt-rule-sets --starting-token {{token_string}} --max-items {{integer}} --generate-cli-skeleton
  • Delete a specific receipt rule set (the currently active rule set cannot be deleted):
    aws ses delete-receipt-rule-set --rule-set-name {{rule_set_name}} --generate-cli-skeleton
  • Delete a specific receipt rule:
    aws ses delete-receipt-rule --rule-set-name {{rule_set_name}} --rule-name {{rule_name}} --generate-cli-skeleton
  • Send an email:
    aws ses send-email --from {{from_address}} --destination "ToAddresses={{addresses}}" --message "Subject={Data={{subject_text}},Charset=utf8},Body={Text={Data={{body_text}},Charset=utf8},Html={Data={{message_body_containing_html}},Charset=utf8}}"
  • Show help for a specific SES subcommand:
    aws ses {{subcommand}} help

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