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File archiver with a high compression ratio. Similar to 7z except that it only supports .7z files. More information:
  • [a]rchive a file or directory:
    7zr a {{path/to/archive.7z}} {{path/to/file_or_directory}}
  • Encrypt an existing archive (including file names):
    7zr a {{path/to/encrypted.7z}} -p{{password}} -mhe=on {{path/to/archive.7z}}
  • E[x]tract an archive preserving the original directory structure:
    7zr x {{path/to/archive.7z}}
  • E[x]tract an archive to a specific directory:
    7zr x {{path/to/archive.7z}} -o{{path/to/output}}
  • E[x]tract an archive to stdout:
    7zr x {{path/to/archive.7z}} -so
  • [l]ist the contents of an archive:
    7zr l {{path/to/archive.7z}}
  • List available archive types:
    7zr i

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