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Grep text patterns from files within compressed file (equivalent to grep -Z). More information:
  • Grep a pattern in a compressed file (case-sensitive):
    zgrep {{pattern}} {{path/to/compressed/file}}
  • Grep a pattern in a compressed file (case-insensitive):
    zgrep -i {{pattern}} {{path/to/compressed/file}}
  • Output count of lines containing matched pattern in a compressed file:
    zgrep -c {{pattern}} {{path/to/compressed/file}}
  • Display the lines which don’t have the pattern present (Invert the search function):
    zgrep -v {{pattern}} {{path/to/compressed/file}}
  • Grep a compressed file for multiple patterns:
    zgrep -e "{{pattern_1}}" -e "{{pattern_2}}" {{path/to/compressed/file}}
  • Use extended regular expressions (supporting ?, +, {}, () and |):
    zgrep -E {{regular_expression}} {{path/to/file}}
  • Print 3 lines of [C]ontext around, [B]efore, or [A]fter each match:
    zgrep -{{C|B|A}} {{3}} {{pattern}} {{path/to/compressed/file}}

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