Enter a command. For example: e2freefrag, avahi browse, konsole.


Display dialogs from the command-line/shell scripts. Return user-inserted values or 1 if error. More information:
  • Display the default question dialog:
    zenity --question
  • Display an info dialog displaying the text "Hello!":
    zenity --info --text="{{Hello!}}"
  • Display a name/password form and output the data separated by ";":
    zenity --forms --add-entry="{{Name}}" --add-password="{{Password}}" --separator="{{;}}"
  • Display a file selection form in which the user can only select directories:
    zenity --file-selection --directory
  • Display a progress bar which updates its message every second and show a progress percent:
    {{(echo "#1"; sleep 1; echo "50"; echo "#2"; sleep 1; echo "100")}} | zenity --progress

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