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Create a hexadecimal representation (hexdump) from a binary file, or vice-versa. More information:
  • Generate a hexdump from a binary file and display the output:
    xxd {{input_file}}
  • Generate a hexdump from a binary file and save it as a text file:
    xxd {{input_file}} {{output_file}}
  • Display a more compact output, replacing consecutive zeros (if any) with a star:
    xxd -a {{input_file}}
  • Display the output with 10 columns of one octet (byte) each:
    xxd -c {{10}} {{input_file}}
  • Display output only up to a length of 32 bytes:
    xxd -l {{32}} {{input_file}}
  • Display the output in plain mode, without any gaps between the columns:
    xxd -p {{input_file}}
  • Revert a plaintext hexdump back into binary, and save it as a binary file:
    xxd -r -p {{input_file}} {{output_file}}

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