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xml format

Format an XML document. More information:
  • Format an XML document, indenting with tabs:
    xml format --indent-tab {{path/to/input.xml|URI}} > {{path/to/output.xml}}
  • Format an HTML document, indenting with 4 spaces:
    xml format --html --indent-spaces {{4}} {{path/to/input.html|URI}} > {{path/to/output.html}}
  • Recover parsable parts of a malformed XML document, without indenting:
    xml format --recover --noindent {{path/to/malformed.xml|URI}} > {{path/to/recovered.xml}}
  • Format an XML document from stdin, removing the DOCTYPE declaration:
    cat {{path\to\input.xml}} | xml format --dropdtd > {{path/to/output.xml}}
  • Format an XML document, omitting the XML declaration:
    xml format --omit-decl {{path\to\input.xml|URI}} > {{path/to/output.xml}}
  • Display help for the format subcommand:
    xml format --help

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