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TypeScript compiler. More information:
  • Compile a TypeScript file foobar.ts into a JavaScript file foobar.js:
    tsc {{foobar.ts}}
  • Compile a TypeScript file into JavaScript using a specific target syntax (default is ES3):
    tsc --target {{ES5|ES2015|ES2016|ES2017|ES2018|ESNEXT}} {{foobar.ts}}
  • Compile a TypeScript file into a JavaScript file with a custom name:
    tsc --outFile {{output.js}} {{input.ts}}
  • Compile all .ts files of a TypeScript project defined in a tsconfig.json file:
    tsc --build {{tsconfig.json}}
  • Run the compiler using command-line options and arguments fetched from a text file:
    tsc @{{args.txt}}
  • Type-check multiple JavaScript files, and output only the errors:
    tsc --allowJs --checkJs --noEmit {{src/**/*.js}}

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