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A command-line tool to interact with Gitea servers. More information:
  • Log into a Gitea server:
    tea login add --name "{{name}}" --url "{{url}}" --token "{{token}}"
  • Display all repositories:
    tea repos ls
  • Display a list of issues:
    tea issues ls
  • Display a list of issues for a specific repository:
    tea issues ls --repo "{{repository}}"
  • Create a new issue:
    tea issues create --title "{{title}}" --body "{{body}}"
  • Display a list of open pull requests:
    tea pulls ls
  • Open the current repository in a browser:
    tea open

This is a tldr pages (source, CC BY 4.0) web wrapper for All commands, popular commands, most used linux commands. Referrals. Progressive Web Application (PWA) version to install on your device.