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A private WireGuard network service. Some subcommands such as tailscale up have their own usage documentation. More information:
  • Connect to Tailscale:
    sudo tailscale up
  • Disconnect from Tailscale:
    sudo tailscale down
  • Display the current Tailscale IP addresses:
    tailscale ip
  • Ping a peer node at the Tailscale layer and display which route it took for each response:
    tailscale ping {{ip|hostname}}
  • Analyze the local network conditions and display the result:
    tailscale netcheck
  • Start a web server for controlling Tailscale:
    tailscale web
  • Display a shareable identifier to help diagnose issues:
    tailscale bugreport
  • Display help for a subcommand:
    tailscale {{subcommand}} --help

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