Enter a command. For example: fuser, bpytop, rig, xclock, phar.


Control the systemd system and service manager. More information:
  • Show all running services:
    systemctl status
  • List failed units:
    systemctl --failed
  • Start/Stop/Restart/Reload a service:
    systemctl {{start|stop|restart|reload}} {{unit}}
  • Show the status of a unit:
    systemctl status {{unit}}
  • Enable/Disable a unit to be started on bootup:
    systemctl {{enable|disable}} {{unit}}
  • Mask/Unmask a unit to prevent enablement and manual activation:
    systemctl {{mask|unmask}} {{unit}}
  • Reload systemd, scanning for new or changed units:
    systemctl daemon-reload
  • Check if a unit is enabled:
    systemctl is-enabled {{unit}}

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