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CLI for Stolon, a cloud native PostgreSQL manager for PostgreSQL high availability. More information:
  • Get cluster status:
    stolonctl --cluster-name {{cluster_name}} --store-backend {{store_backend}} --store-endpoints {{store_endpoints}} status
  • Get cluster data:
    stolonctl --cluster-name {{cluster_name}} --store-backend {{store_backend}} --store-endpoints {{store_endpoints}} clusterdata
  • Get cluster specification:
    stolonctl --cluster-name {{cluster_name}} --store-backend {{store_backend}} --store-endpoints {{store_endpoints}} spec
  • Update cluster specification with a patch in JSON format:
    stolonctl --cluster-name {{cluster_name}} --store-backend {{store_backend}} --store-endpoints {{store_endpoints}} update --patch '{{cluster_spec}}'

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