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Edit text in a scriptable manner. More information:
  • Replace the first occurrence of a string in a file, and print the result:
    sed 's/{{find}}/{{replace}}/' {{filename}}
  • Replace all occurrences of an extended regular expression in a file:
    sed -E 's/{{regular_expression}}/{{replace}}/g' {{filename}}
  • Replace all occurrences of a string [i]n a file, overwriting the file (i.e. in-place):
    sed -i '' 's/{{find}}/{{replace}}/g' {{filename}}
  • Replace only on lines matching the line pattern:
    sed '/{{line_pattern}}/s/{{find}}/{{replace}}/' {{filename}}
  • Print only text between n-th line till the next empty line:
    sed -n '{{line_number}},/^$/p' {{filename}}
  • Apply multiple find-replace expressions to a file:
    sed -e 's/{{find}}/{{replace}}/' -e 's/{{find}}/{{replace}}/' {{filename}}
  • Replace separator / by any other character not used in the find or replace patterns, e.g. #:
    sed 's#{{find}}#{{replace}}#' {{filename}}
  • [d]elete the line at the specific line number [i]n a file, overwriting the file:
    sed -i '' '{{line_number}}d' {{filename}}

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