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Tool written in Go that counts lines of code. More information:
  • Print lines of code in the current directory:
  • Print lines of code in the target directory:
    scc {{path/to/directory}}
  • Display output for every file:
    scc --by-file
  • Display output using a specific output format (defaults to tabular):
    scc --format {{tabular|wide|json|csv|cloc-yaml|html|html-table}}
  • Only count files with specific file extensions:
    scc --include-ext {{go, java, js}}
  • Exclude directories from being counted:
    scc --exclude-dir {{.git,.hg}}
  • Display output and sort by column (defaults to by files):
    scc --sort {{files|name|lines|blanks|code|comments|complexity}}
  • Print help for scc:
    scc -h

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