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A tool to dump media content streamed over the RTMP protocol. More information:
  • Download a file:
    rtmpdump --rtmp {{rtmp://}} -o {{file.ext}}
  • Download a file from a Flash player:
    rtmpdump --rtmp {{rtmp://}} --swfVfy {{}} --flashVer "{{LNX 10,0,32,18}}" -o {{file.ext}}
  • Specify connection parameters if they are not detected correctly:
    rtmpdump --rtmp {{rtmp://}} --app {{app_name}} --playpath {{path/to/video}} -o {{file.ext}}
  • Download a file from a server that requires a referrer:
    rtmpdump --rtmp {{rtmp://}} --pageUrl {{}} -o {{file.ext}}

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