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Manually manipulate the routing tables. Necessitates to be root. More information:
  • Add a route to a destination through a gateway:
    sudo route add "{{destination_ip_address}}" "{{gateway_address}}"
  • Add a route to a /24 subnet through a gateway:
    sudo route add "{{subnet_ip_address}}/24" "{{gateway_address}}"
  • Run in test mode (does not do anything, just print):
    sudo route -t add "{{destination_ip_address}}/24" "{{gateway_address}}"
  • Remove all routes:
    sudo route flush
  • Delete a specific route:
    sudo route delete "{{destination_ip_address}}/24"
  • Lookup and display the route for a destination (hostname or IP address):
    sudo route get "{{destination}}"

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