Enter a command. For example: ffprobe, idnits, xephyr, loadtest.


Rolls a user-defined dice sequence. More information:
  • Roll 3 6-sided dice and sums the results:
    roll {{3d}}
  • Roll 1 8-sided die, add 3 and sum the results:
    roll {{d8 + 3}}
  • Roll 4 6-sided dice, keep the 3 highest results and sum the results:
    roll {{4d6h3}}
  • Roll 2 12-sided dice 2 times and show every roll:
    roll --verbose {{2{2d12}}}
  • Roll 2 20-sided dice until the result is bigger than 10:
    roll "{{2d20>10}}"
  • Roll 2 5-sided dice 3 times and show the total sum:
    roll --sum-series {{3{2d5}}}

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