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BASH builtin for retrieving data from standard input. More information:
  • Store data that you type from the keyboard:
    read {{variable}}
  • Store each of the next lines you enter as values of an array:
    read -a {{array}}
  • Specify the number of maximum characters to be read:
    read -n {{character_count}} {{variable}}
  • Use a specific character as a delimiter instead of a new line:
    read -d {{new_delimiter}} {{variable}}
  • Do not let backslash (\) act as an escape character:
    read -r {{variable}}
  • Display a prompt before the input:
    read -p "{{Enter your input here: }}" {{variable}}
  • Do not echo typed characters (silent mode):
    read -s {{variable}}
  • Read stdin and perform an action on every line:
    while read line; do echo "$line"; done

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