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Restore a PostgreSQL database from an archive file created by pg_dump. More information:
  • Restore an archive into an existing database:
    pg_restore -d {{db_name}} {{archive_file.dump}}
  • Same as above, customize username:
    pg_restore -U {{username}} -d {{db_name}} {{archive_file.dump}}
  • Same as above, customize host and port:
    pg_restore -h {{host}} -p {{port}} -d {{db_name}} {{archive_file.dump}}
  • List database objects included in the archive:
    pg_restore --list {{archive_file.dump}}
  • Clean database objects before creating them:
    pg_restore --clean -d {{db_name}} {{archive_file.dump}}
  • Use multiple jobs to do the restoring:
    pg_restore -j {{2}} -d {{db_name}} {{archive_file.dump}}

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