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The Perl 5 language interpreter. More information:
  • Parse and execute a Perl script:
    perl {{}}
  • Check syntax errors on a Perl script:
    perl -c {{}}
  • Parse and execute a Perl statement:
    perl -e {{perl_statement}}
  • Run a Perl script in debug mode, using perldebug:
    perl -d {{}}
  • Edit all file lines [i]n-place with a specific replacement [e]xpression and save a file with a new extension:
    perl -p -i'.{{extension}}' -e 's/{{regular_expression}}/{{replacement}}/g' {{path/to/file}}
  • Run a multi-line replacement [e]xpression on a file, and save the result in a specific file:
    perl -p -e 's/{{foo\nbar}}/{{foobar}}/g' {{path/to/input_file}} > {{path/to/output_file}}
  • Run a regular [e]xpression on stdin, printing matching [l]ines:
    cat {{path/to/file}} | perl -n -l -e 'print if /{{regular_expression}}/'
  • Run a regular [e]xpression on stdin, printing only the first capture group for each matching [l]ine:
    cat {{path/to/file}} | perl -n -l -e 'print $1 if /{{before}}({{regular_expression}}){{after}}/'

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