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Arch Linux package manager utility. Some subcommands such as pacman sync have their own usage documentation. More information:
  • Synchronize and update all packages:
    sudo pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade
  • Install a new package:
    sudo pacman --sync {{package_name}}
  • Remove a package and its dependencies:
    sudo pacman --remove --recursive {{package_name}}
  • Search the package database for a regular expression or keyword:
    pacman --sync --search "{{search_pattern}}"
  • List installed packages and versions:
    pacman --query
  • List only the explicitly installed packages and versions:
    pacman --query --explicit
  • List orphan packages (installed as dependencies but not actually required by any package):
    pacman --query --unrequired --deps --quiet
  • Empty the entire pacman cache:
    sudo pacman --sync --clean --clean

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