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Merge several vector datasets into a single one. More information:
  • Create a GeoPackage with a layer for each input Shapefile:
 -f {{GPKG}} -o {{path/to/output.gpkg}} {{path/to/input1.shp path/to/input2.shp ...}}
  • Create a virtual datasource (VRT) with a layer for each input GeoJSON:
 -f {{VRT}} -o {{path/to/output.vrt}} {{path/to/input1.geojson path/to/input2.geojson ...}}
  • Concatenate two vector datasets and store source name of dataset in attribute 'source_name':
 -single -f {{GeoJSON}} -o {{path/to/output.geojson}} -src_layer_field_name country {{source_name}} {{path/to/input1.shp path/to/input2.shp ...}}

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