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odps auth

User authorities in ODPS (Open Data Processing Service). See also odps. More information:
  • Add a user to the current project:
    add user {{username}};
  • Grant a set of authorities to a user:
    grant {{action_list}} on {{object_type}} {{object_name}} to user {{username}};
  • Show authorities of a user:
    show grants for {{username}};
  • Create a user role:
    create role {{role_name}};
  • Grant a set of authorities to a role:
    grant {{action_list}} on {{object_type}} {{object_name}} to role {{role_name}};
  • Describe authorities of a role:
    desc role {{role_name}};
  • Grant a role to a user:
    grant {{role_name}} to {{username}};

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