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Network kanji filter. Converts kanji code from one encoding to another. More information:
  • Convert to UTF-8 encoding:
    nkf -w {{path/to/file.txt}}
  • Convert to SHIFT_JIS encoding:
    nkf -s {{path/to/file.txt}}
  • Convert to UTF-8 encoding and overwrite the file:
    nkf -w --overwrite {{path/to/file.txt}}
  • Set new line code to LF and overwrite (UNIX type):
    nkf -d --overwrite {{path/to/file.txt}}
  • Set new line code to CRLF and overwrite (windows type):
    nkf -c --overwrite {{path/to/file.txt}}
  • Decrypt mime file and overwrite:
    nkf -m --overwrite {{path/to/file.txt}}

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